The Sound Coalition serves to inspire the next generation of musicians through fun and affordable music lessons with dedicated local instructors throughout the East Coast.

Formed in 2017, The Sound Coalition is partnered with almost one hundred music instructors in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Our instructors are more than just teachers…they are artists, performers, songwriters and producers, who understand how great the ability to play an instrument can be.

To Parents: We know your kids love music…who doesn’t? We also realize that for many students, music class can be downright boring. We’re here to fix that. If kids love listening to music, we want them to love learning to play music even more. Our instructors keep lessons relevant, by providing students with a solid foundation to be able to play the songs and styles they enjoy, while gaining the confidence to create original songs that don’t yet exist.

To Musicians: If you’re thinking about becoming a partnered instructor with The Sound Coalition, we would love for the opportunity to come alongside of you. As we grow, we are always looking for individuals who want to share our goal of inspiring the next generation of musicians. Send your resumes to info@thesoundcoalition.com.